Stop Unreported Bullying & Expose Threats to School Safety with Online Bullying Reporting

Make Students Feel Safer & Decrease Absenteeism ...
Show Parents Your School Is Serious About Stopping Bullying ...
BRIM Will Even Tell You Where and When Bullying Happens Most ...

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Reduce Bullying at Your School

  • 24/7 Anonymous Reporting
  • Detailed Stats & Reports
  • Instantly Notify Parents
  • Record Steps Taken & More

Perfectly Suited for ...

  • Public Schools & Districts
  • Private & Charter Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Colleges & Universities

Why You Need BRIM

Some of the reasons why hundreds of schools have chosen
BRIM to help them reduce bullying.

Quickly Identify Bullying Hotspots

BRIM tells you where and when bullying happens most so you know where school staff are needed most.

Save Time on Incident Reporting

Say Good-Bye to paper forms! BRIM will even send out the notifications to parents for you.

Encourage More Victims to Report Bullying

Students can confidentially report online, 24/7 and finally put a stop to longstanding bullying.

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