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"Overall our school found that in using BRIM Anti-Bullying Software we were able to reduce the number of incidences by identifying the repeat offenders and then working with them and their parents to address the issue at hand."
- Michael Schreider, Principal, Corpus Christi School, Ottawa

Join the Thousands of Other Schools Empowering Their Students with Anonymous Bullying Reporting.
Approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education's Registry of Safe School Resources

What is BRIM Anti-Bullying Software?

BRIM Anti-Bullying Software

BRIM is software to help school staff report, intervene, manage and reduce cases of bullying.

It takes courage for bullied students to ask for help. With potentially dozens of bullying cases in a school though, it's impossible for school admins to remember and monitor them all.

Let BRIM help. BRIM will keep track of the details of bullying cases for you, provide you with email reminders to follow-up with students, help you ensure all the required steps are taken in each case and more! You just need to check your email.

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How BRIM Will Reduce Bullying in Your School

BRIM enables students to report bullying online.

BRIM enables school teachers and staff to:

  • report cases of bullying,
  • track incidents related to each case,
  • receive email reminders to follow-up with affected students,
  • record actions taken by staff,
  • ensure a consistent set of actions are taken for each case.

Don't let bullied students fall through the cracks. Let BRIM help you manage cases of bullying.

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Request a Demo of BRIM Anti-Bullying Software

Request a demo of BRIM Anti-Bullying Software

If you're a teacher, counselor, principal, school district head or even a concerned parent, contact us for a demo of BRIM.

Request a Demo of the BRIM Anti-Bullying Software

Concerned about cost? Don't be! We know budgets are stretched. Special pricing is available for schools in need. Our first priority is to help bullied students.

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