October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

How It Works

From Reporting Through to Resolution and Prevention

BRIM helps you manage and track the entire process at each of your schools.

1. Reporting with BRIM

Capture more incidents with online & mobile reporting

  • removes the fear and stigma that often prevents students from reporting bullying in person
  • enables administrators to act before situations escalate.
  • attach screenshots and other supporting evidence to help expedite your investigation

Pre-screening questions to distinguish actual bullying

  • reduce inaccurate incidence reporting with pre-screening questions
  • helps students and parents understand when a situation is truly bullying

Configurable for your district

  • configure reporting form, investigation steps, and questions
  • store incident details including behavior type, motivation, time of day, demographic information of students, location of event and more.
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2. Investigating with BRIM

Promote consistent reporting and investigating processes in your schools

  • by inputting your district’s framework for reporting and investigating bullying into BRIM, school administrators and counselors can easily follow the process you’ve set

24/7 access to incident data for every school

  • no more bullying binders and notebooks
  • have the info you need at your finger tips when incidents get escalated to the district level
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3. Communicate with BRIM

Prewritten templates and form letters

  • eliminate the need to draft emails with one-touch sending of commonly used form letters and responses.
  • state forms and other needed documents can be pre-filled and printed straight from BRIM

BRIM is always on guard notifying you of trouble

  • stay informed with automatic weekly summary emails
  • keyword-based alerts tells you immediately when serious situations arise
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4. Resolve with BRIM

Your district’s best practices and processes built-in

  • school administrators and counselors can select from interventions you’ve created and made available to them according to district policy and best practice

Manage your team and stakeholders

  • schedule and assign interventions for staff to perform
  • create and send notifications to parents and other stakeholders from inside BRIM

Mitigate risk and ensure compliance

  • by documenting interventions in BRIM, your schools are prepared should they need to show proof they took action
  • reminders are sent out automatically to ensure time-sensitive tasks are completed before their deadline.
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5. Prevent with BRIM

Instant insights empower your school administrators to proactively prevent incidents

  • identify hotspots, frequent offenders and more at each of your schools
  • get a quick snapshot of your schools’ bullying incidents by date, location, grade
  • run reports for time periods, locations and more.

Communication program & launch kit for a successful implementation

  • BRIM’s launch kit contains everything your schools need to ensure a successful roll-out and communicate the program to your community
  • posters, handouts, bracelets and more create awareness about BRIM and your efforts
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