October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Benefits of BRIM

Considering BRIM?

Here's a few reasons why schools love us

Give Your School Staff a 360 Degree View on Incidents of Bullying and other Safety Concerns

360-viewA bullied student may deal with harassment in most or each of his classes. With BRIM, each teacher’s incident reports get combined into a single case so school staff have a complete view of the magnitude of the harassment. With this 360 view of the situation, you can take appropriate action on bullying cases.

Instead of the aggressor being given the same informal warning five times, you can schedule a parent teacher meeting or whatever your school’s best practices demand of the situation.

Consistently Perform Your Schools Anti-Bullying Procedures for Every Case

consistencyWhen your school receives 20 to 30 new bullying incidents a month, it can be difficult to ensure school best practices are followed in every case.

With BRIM, the completion of your school’s best practices can be automatically scheduled following the input of each new incident. Tackling bullying isn’t easy, but with BRIM the challenge becomes manageable.

Lessen Your Mental Load

easy-btnBRIM holds detailed accounts of bullying incidents, next steps staff have performed, follow-up schedules with students and more. Even better, BRIM will email you when it’s time to perform a needed action or have a follow-up session with a student.

With BRIM, the day-to-day routine tasks are automated and off your plate so you can focus more on helping students and less on remembering the details.

Prepare Your School for State and Provincial Anti-Bullying Record Keeping Laws

gavelWith the rash of student suicides plagueing the US and Canada, several states in the US now have laws before their legislature to require schools and school districts to keep detailed records of bullying incidents that happen on school grounds.

By using BRIM, you can rest assured knowing that your school or school district is already in compliance.

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