October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Benefits for Principals and Admins

Save Time While Reducing Bullying

One of the many advantages you'll enjoy with BRIM

  1. Instantly view bullying incident rates for your school. Are they increasing or decreasing?
  2. View the efficacy of your school’s anti-bullying programs. Implement a new program and watch and see if incident rates decrease. Do you know what programs are working and which aren’t?
  3. New laws are being considered in some states required schools to keep records on bullying incidents. Be ahead of the curve. Implement BRIM and rest assured you’re compliant with state legislation.
  4. Identify at a glance which students are being bullied most and take proactive measures to improve their situation. Similarly, have proof at hand about which students are most aggressive and bring that to bear when tracking behavioral incidents and consequences

BRIM tracks reported incidents and reports on incident data and follow-up actions


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