BRIM Incident Reporting Features

Here's What BRIM Can Do for You

BRIM will save you time while providing critical insights about your school

Case Management

  • BRIM keeps you organized. Incidents, interventions, files and more are grouped together in cases.
  • Automatic weekly summary emails keep you informed
  • Schedule interventions and notify staff all from in BRIM
  • Send notifications to parents of affected students right from BRIM

Online Reporting

  • Students, staff and parents can report bullying 24/7 online
  • Anonymous reporting option for students afraid of being labelled a tattle tale.
  • Mobile friendly means bystanders can instantly report any bullying they witness from their phone
  • Secure connections keep private data private

Reports Center

  • BRIM will tell you when and where bullying happens most
  • Create custom reports by grade level, time period, student and more
  • See at a glance which students are most involved in bullying
  • Printer and mobile friendly for bringing to meetings

Critical Insights

Knowledge is power

In addition to helping you record and follow-up on bullying incidents at your school, BRIM enables you to effortlessly  answer these important questions:

  • Are incidents increasing or decreasing?
  • Are your anti-bullying programs working to reduce bullying incidents?
  • Which locations in your school are most prone to bullying incidents?
  • What behaviours are coming up most frequently in incidents?
  • What percentage of bullies are male vs. female? special education? section 504? LEP?

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