October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month


Technology Changes and So Does Bullying

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New features to make BRIM easier for both school staff and students are always in the works here at BRIM! Here’s just a few of the things we’re working on now.

Integration with School Information Systems (SIS) – Eliminating Double Entry

Once BRIM is compatible with other school information systems (SIS; SWIS, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, etc), confirmed incidents of bullying reported through BRIM will automatically appear alongside a student’s disciplinary information in your SIS – no more double entry! As well, when a student’s information changes in your SIS, BRIM will be automatically updated.

For the techies: Many schools and larger districts use district-wide school information management systems like SWIS and Powerschool to manage their student information. Many of these systems can communicate and share data automatically using the SIF standard. We are currently working on making BRIM SIF Compliant.

Currently, to help avoid double entry, incident reports from BRIM can be exported in Excel format and uploaded in to your SIS. SIF compliance though will make integration with other school systems more automatic and seamless.

iPhone & Android Mobile Applications – Letting Students Effortlessly Report bullying

Right now, students of schools using BRIM are able to report bullying incidents online via a form we place on school websites. While that form is smartphone-compatible and can be accessed using a phone’s internet browser, native iPhone and Android applications will make reporting a bullying incident even easier for students.

Voice & Text Message Integration – Instantly Notify Parents of Bullying

Many states and provinces now require that parents of students involved in bullying incidents be notified within one to two business days. Using Twilio, we are building text message and voice integration into BRIM. When this is complete, schools will be able to notify parents via phone with the click of a button. This new feature will automatically call the parents and convey a pre-recorded message. Using text-to-voice technology, you won’t even need to record the message: type your message and it will be announced during the the call.

Integration with text messaging using a special phone number for each school will enable students to text message their bullying incident reports to schools and have it automatically logged in BRIM.

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