October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Anonymous Reporting with BRIM

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  • Unlimited cases
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Unlimited students
  • Access all schools from a single area
  • Implement a district-wide anti-bullying policy
  • Stay compliant with state anti-bullying laws
  • Initial setup and training included
  • Email and phone support

All accounts include unlimited incident reports, staff accounts + the best customer service in the business.
Packages are billed annually. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How many false reports get submitted?

Over 95% of received reports are genuine calls for help from students and parents. In the case of repeated false reporting, computer IP address tracking allows us to block computers that are used to repeatedly report false incidents.

How does pricing work?

Annual school licenses are available and include unlimited users, unlimited students, technical support and training.

How will BRIM help us save money?

With BRIM, reporting and tracking incidents takes a fraction of the time it does with paper reports and at a fraction of the cost. Graphs showing bullying trends, top locations for incidents, breakdown of bullies and more are instantly available whereas these could easily take hours to generate in spreadsheets – more if the incidents are stored in separate word documents or, worse, paper forms.

How can BRIM help prevent lawsuits?

Unless there’s a paper trail showing what action your school has taken in response to an incident, it’s as if your school didn’t take any action at all.

BRIM changes this. When you report an incident in BRIM, you can also report exactly what steps your school has taken in response to the incident. This forms a ‘paper trail’ bringing all the relevant pieces of information together in a single case. If a claim is made, having complete information at your finger tips makes it easier to demonstrate that your school did everything that could reasonably be expected of them.

Is it a web-based platform or is it installed on single computers?

BRIM is a web-based platform. No setup or installation is needed on your end. We provide you with a secure login URL, staff logins then you’re all set!

Can multiple people use BRIM to record and track incidents? Would we have access to each other’s cases and incidents and be able to add to them?

Multiple people can access the same cases and incidents and collaborate on them. One of the features we have planned is for per-case permission settings – e.g., users can only see and edit cases they’ve been granted access to.

What’s the security like? How is the information encrypted and stored? As you can imagine, protection of privacy is of utmost importance.

Privacy and data security is our utmost concern as well given the sensitive nature of the information. All passwords are encrypted and user accounts are required to access any data, the servers are stored in a secure server farm and 256bit encryption is used to encrypt the connection between your computer and the BRIM servers to prevent eavesdropping. For more information, please visit our page on BRIM Data Security Measures.

If it’s a web-based platform, what provisions are there to erase old cases that are no longer active?

Once old cases are deleted, they’re deleted permanently from the live system. Backups are taken daily and extend back for at least two weeks. If you’d like information deleted from the backups, please contact support.

Do you have online instructions and user support?

Online training videos and email support are available. Email support response times are guaranteed at 1 business day or less.

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