October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Bullying Reporting and Prevention

Standardize How Your Schools Prevent, Report & Track Bullying & Safety Incidents with the BRIM Platform.

How It Works

What Is BRIM?

BRIM pairs a smart, cloud-based incident management panel with mobile reporting apps for students, parents and teachers. Better communication is your first step to building better school culture.

BRIM: Bullying Reduction Intervention and Monitoring


BRIM Incident Management System

BRIM’s incident management system is designed for school districts looking to implement a consistent framework for anonymous reporting and investigating bullying across their schools. BRIM’s powerful analytics gives district administrators immediate, deep visibility into bullying at each of their schools.

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Mobile Reporting App for Students & Teachers

The BRIM mobile reporting app empowers students to safely report bullying turning bystanders into upstanders and creating a powerful deterrent effect that prevents future incidents. By helping schools capture all incidents, BRIM helps administrators resolve situations before they escalate.


Words of Praise for BRIM

The teachers, students, and parents have come to appreciate the online and mobile reporting with BRIM and marvel at the ease of reporting and obtaining information.  We implemented BRIM within all 28 of our schools. We look forward to many more years of great service!

Miranda Pearson, LP, NCC, BCC

Mediator/DOP at HCPS

Benefits of BRIM

Promotes Positive School Climate

Safe, confidential reporting empowers victims and turns bystanders into upstanders.

Enforces a Consistent Framework

Helps districts enforce a consistent framework for reporting and investigating bullying in their schools.


Flexible pricing for schools and districts of all sizes. Affordable annual license with no setup fees or additional maintenance costs.

Easy Integration

Easily integrates with your current workflow.  We offer several Single Sign On (SSO) options as well as API integrations with your SIS.


BRIM is hosted in a secure datacenter and uses industry leading end-to-end encryption to secure your connection.

Efficiency and Insight

Increases your efficiency by helping you search, organize and track records quickly and easily.  Identify trends on campuses by running reports and reviewing data graphs.


Get consistent bullying reporting across your schools and better visibility into the situation on the ground

Promote Consistent Reporting Processes

BRIM helps standardize how your schools report and investigate bullying.

Get Better Visibility into the Situation on the Ground

BRIM gives district administrator instant, deep insights into the situation on the ground at each school.

Improve School Climate at Your Schools

BRIM creates a powerful deterrent effect preventing future incidents and leading to a positive school climate.

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