October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Why Choose a Web Based School Management System?

Benefits of a Web-Based School Management System vs. Traditional Desktop-Based Software

Why should being “cloud-based” matter to you and what does “cloud-based” even mean?

All “cloud-based” means is that your software and information are stored on remote servers and accessed over the internet. That’s all. If you’ve used web-based email like Gmail, Hotmail, etc then you’ve already used “cloud-based” software.

Being an online student information management system comes with many advantages over traditional in school server solutions or installed software solutions. Most importantly, these advantages save your school time and money.

To give an example, our BRIM Anti-Bullying Software is a “cloud-based” (i.e., online) bullying and discipline incident reporting and tracking software.

Online School Management System Means No Software Needed

Because BRIM is delivered over the website, the only software you need on your computer is the internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc) that you likely already have. No student information management software needs to be installed on your computer and there’s no need to worry about minimum software requirements or incompatibilities.

No Need to Buy Servers

We bought the servers so your school doesn’t need to. When you connect to BRIM, you access your school information system via our servers located in our secure, offsite data center over a banking-grade 256bit encrypted connection. Your information stays safe and, by not having to buy servers, so does your bank accounts!

No In-School Tech Support Needed

Just like with the servers, we pay and take care of technical support for you. Have a problem? Just call or email our friendly school management system support staff.

Get Started with Your New Student Information Management System Quickly

No software installation and no server setup means that your bullying and discipline tracking system is ready to use within two business days of your purchase.

WAY More Accessible

With normal school management systems that need to be installed, you must be at your computer in order to access your school’s data. With BRIM, you have your bullying and discipline data with you wherever you have an internet connection – whether it’s to the district office for a meeting or around the world for a conference.

Mobile users will be delighted with the ability to use their smartphones and tablets to run reports, pull up student records and more.

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