October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Student Behavior Management & Discipline Systems

In addition to tracking bullying and harassment incidents, our BRIM Anti-Bullying Software can also be used to give you complete control and tracking of student discipline issues at your school. Student behavior management gives teachers the power to improve student behavior via positive reinforcement and intervention when behavioral issues occur.

BRIM simplifies the tracking of both discipline and bullying incident information ensuring that students are held accountable for their actions and provided with assistance when needed.

Further, BRIM keeps track of which interventions you perform and can help you identify which are most successful.

With BRIM, you get school discipline tracking software plus online bullying incident reporting tool in one! Using BRIM’s customizable behavior list, you can expand from tracking bullying behaviours to include student discipline issues such as dress code violations, tardiness and more.

Teachers and school staff can also use BRIM’s online reporting tool to report discipline issues from anywhere around the school. School administrators are instantly notified via email of any and all reported incidents.

Why implement student behavior management?

Any veteran teacher will know student discipline fosters a positive learning environment.  Managing student behavior is a learned skill.  Giving teachers the tool they need decreases the learning curve to setting up a behavior management program.   Managing student behavior is no easy task, but with the training and tools in place – success is inevitable. Each teacher will develop his or her own form of discipline guided by their training and experience. Smart tools help teachers stay consistent with the discipline program that works well for them.  Good student discipline starts with a clear discipline scheme set out by the leader of the classroom – the teacher!


Report and track incidents for a school-wide health-check of your community

Once your discipline information is in BRIM, you can:

  • produce reports and find out which discipline issues are coming up most at your school
  • find out which students are the most frequent offenders and take direct intervention before things get out of hand
  • print student discipline and bullying history
  • easily notify students’ parents via email with pre-made email templates
  • print out your own school’s required forms with incident data pre-filled
  • instantly bring up an individual students discipline records for discussions with parents
  • track bullies, victims and bystanders easily
  • enable your students to report bullying incidents anonymously online
  • determine patterns and trends visually with BRIM’s extension reporting suite
  • log which interventions you’ve tried with students and what the outcomes were then view the success rates for different interventions to see what works best for your school
  • and more!

Get a Student Discipline System that Works for Your School!

Ideal for schools of all sizes, BRIM can help your school not only keep track of discipline information but also give your students and school community a powerful online bullying incident reporting tool.

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