Important Update March, 2017: According to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website: “Please note that as of April 1, 2016, the Registry of Resources for Safe and Inclusive Schools has been permanently phased out and is no longer available on the Ministry of Education’s website.”

Great news! As of November 1, 2012 BRIM Anti-Bullying Software has been reviewed by the province of Ontario’s Ministry of Education and approved for listing on the Ministry’s Registry of Resources for Safe and Inclusive Schools.  BRIM is the latest in anti-bullying technologies for schools.  BRIM is founded on the basis that communication is key.  When students and parents have a clear line of communication with teachers and administrators, they can report bullying and work together to stop it.  The Ontario Ministry of Education’s listing is a wonderful reinforcement for all of us at BRIM of the value that online reporting tools like BRIM can offer to schools looking to tackle bullying.

Visit to review the registry and see our listing as well as listings from other approved safe and inclusive school service providers.

Also, we’re happy to provide BRIM Anti-Bullying Software to any school that will find it helpful regardless of ability to pay. No school in need will be turned away.