BRIM Anti-Bullying Software has seen an extremely significant increase in the number of bullying incidents reported in December 2021 and in January 2022. At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we are also getting increased reports from bullied students directly reaching out to BRIM from schools that are not BRIM clients, which is heartbreaking. Middle and high school students so desperate for help they are searching the Internet to get someone to listen to them……

Not a single school day passes without BRIM staffers calling school administrators on behalf of these students’ plight. Many of the school’s we contact reply with highly questionable responses to the information we are sharing. Shockingly many school administrators are dismissive, uninterested and cannot seem to be bothered with the details BRIM is providing. Frequently BRIM Anti-Bullying Software staffers are relating actual instances of physical assaults on the reporting students to these school administrators and it is falling on deaf ears.

Last week BRIM Anti-Bullying Software called nine nonmember schools on behalf of bullied students and in two cases, we reached out for concerned grandparents. Of the nine contacts BRIM made, two schools were entirely dismissive and did not want to take any of our information concerning the bullying that occurred on their campuses. Five schools took very limited information and showed almost no interest in having a conversation about the details of the bullying. And finally, two schools out of the nine we contacted were appropriately interested, asked additional questions and seemed to be concerned. Upon reviewing all nine of these schools, we found that only the last two schools, the schools that were interested, had any sort of bully reporting available for students. One of the two schools were offering a very basic document for the student to download and submit to the schools front office and the second school had a non-functional hyperlink! It is no wonder why these students are desperate that they are literally performing Google searches to find help.

BRIM Anti-Bullying Software offers students of member schools anonymous reporting for less than the daily cost of a cup of coffee. It is nearly inconceivable that a school or school district would not be concerned enough to take logical measures to help ensure a safe environment for their students.

For those of you reading this and wondering, BRIM did contact the local police departments in the cities where BRIM received bullying reports from students where their schools were not receptive to taking the reports from BRIM staff when the incidents involved physical contact.