October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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Navigating Transitions: Understanding the Effects of Relationship Stability on Children of Military Personnel standard

For children of military personnel, life often involves a unique set of challenges and transitions. From frequent moves to deployments and separations, military families navigate a dynamic and often unpredictable lifestyle that can have profound effects on children’s well-being, particularly when it comes to the stability of their relationships. Let’s explore the impacts of relationship stability on children of military families and the strategies for supporting their emotional resilience in the face of adversity. Relationship stability plays a critical role in shaping children’s emotional development and sense of security. For children of military personnel, the transient nature of military life can disrupt the continuity of relationships, whether with parents, siblings, extended family, or peers. Frequent relocations and separations due to ...

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What to Do if You Find Out Your Child Is Being Bullied (in 5 Simple Steps) image

Are you a parent that’s just found out from your child (or your child’s school) that they’re being bullied? The folks over at the UK Anti-Bullying Alliance have put out these five steps for parents just like you: Understand your role: As the parent, your task is to listen, remain calm and reassure your child that things will get better once action is taken.  Helping your child through bullying is an ongoing process, and so it’s important that the lines of communication between you and your child remain open. Being a calm, safe place where your child can talk will help to ensure that happens. Listen attentively: The fear and shame attached to being bullied means that children are often ...

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