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Rolling Out Your School’s Bullying Reporting Policy: 9 Must-Dos image

The new school year means new students entering your school.  Whether your school or district is large or small, bullying is unfortunately an aspect of every school’s student community.  Luckily many teachers and students are ready to stand up against bullying when it does occur. For the benefit of both new and returning students and parents, it’s critical to roll-out your school’s bullying reporting policy to your students and parents at the start of every school year.  Then, remind them throughout the year of the various bullying reporting options you’ve made available.  In some states, legislation requires school-wide anti-bullying policies that address several key points including 1) a reporting mechanism 2) a follow-up time-frame 3) communication channels to students and parents.  Here’s ...

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Leadership in Education: Who Makes A Good Leader? standard

Effective school leadership is clearly the most desired trait of an individual in charge of heading an educational institution. After all, an educational institution’s success depends on how well the educational leader leads a school. A leader outlines an educational pattern that can help students achieve academic success, they inspire others to follow in their footsteps, they wish to create a friendly and an instructive environment, they hope to improve education and teaching methods, they manage information, people, and procedures to promote school development. Qualities of a Good Leader Principals are required to recognize each student’s educational needs, comprehend the strengths and weakness of teachers and staff members, understand the characteristics of the educational programs, collect information on students, and ...

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5 Tips for New Principals on Improving Your Technical and Managerial Skills image

Mastering the Technical Aspects of the New Principalship Effective school management and leadership requires new principals to: Manage the school properly (technical skills) Fit in with both the school and community (social skills) Demonstrate they know what’s required of them in the role of principal (role awareness) Below are tips for new principals looking to improve the their mastery of the technical aspects of effective school management and leadership: Connect with an experienced principal in your district whose willing to coach you or share with you tricks of the trade that will make your daily managerial tasks easier. You may also see if they would be willing to let you ‘shadow’ them as they go about performing their daily management ...

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