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Rolling Out Your School’s Bullying Reporting Policy: 9 Must-Dos image

The new school year means new students entering your school.  Whether your school or district is large or small, bullying is unfortunately an aspect of every school’s student community.  Luckily many teachers and students are ready to stand up against bullying when it does occur. For the benefit of both new and returning students and parents, it’s critical to roll-out your school’s bullying reporting policy to your students and parents at the start of every school year.  Then, remind them throughout the year of the various bullying reporting options you’ve made available.  In some states, legislation requires school-wide anti-bullying policies that address several key points including 1) a reporting mechanism 2) a follow-up time-frame 3) communication channels to students and parents.  Here’s ...

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Why Your School Needs Anonymous Incident Reporting for Bullying standard

Online, anonymous bullying reporting which can be done from the safety of a student’s home gives bullied kids a real chance to speak out against their tormentors without fear of their tormentors seeing them come forward and without having to discuss an unbearable situation with adults they may or may not feel comfortable confiding in. Bullying affects the lives of millions of students, and child and teen bullying are at an all time high. If bullied kids weren’t afraid to get help in person, anonymous reporting wouldn’t be necessary, but the truth is that bullied kids are afraid – afraid to speak out and afraid to get the help they need. In-Person Reporting Alone Is Insufficient Despite students being able ...

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