High school locker room bullying has been a “tradition” for many, many years and is usually referred to as hazing which has also led to many tragedies on college campuses across the country in the fraternity and sorority systems. Whether bullying or hazing takes place in high school or at college it is totally unacceptable and has ruined many lives.

According to one recent study three in five students in college experience some form of hazing and an alarming forty seven percent of students in high school sports experience bullying before entering college. Student athletes who receive hazing often suffer physical injuries hampering their ability to perform. These incidents are often mentally and emotionally harmful as well. The challenge goes beyond athletic teams and frat houses, fifty five percent of students involved in performing arts have experienced bullying or hazing so the challenge isn’t an isolated one.

BRIM anti bullying software is an anonymous reporting tool that can help stop bullying and hazing wherever it occurs. BRIM is intuitive and very easy to use and is very affordable.