First, the good news: according to an August 2012 Ipsos Reid Survey, Canadians across the country are all concerned with bullying.

Saskatoon and Manitoba were the provinces where the greatest percentage of people are “very concerned” about bullying.

Alberta and British Columbia were the provinces with with the lowest percentage of people reporting they are “very concerned” about bullying. This survey was undertaken just as the province of British Columbia begins implementation of their ERASE Anti-Bullying Program.

Concern About Bullying: Across the Provinces

Saskatoon and Manitoba 61 per cent
Atlantic Canada 57 per cent
Ontario 51 per cent
Quebec 49 per cent
British Columbia 42 per cent
Alberta 42 per cent

Survey Size and Margin of Error

The survey was conducted between August 24th and August 29th and 1,569 Canadians were interviewed online. The margin of error nationally is 2.5%, 19 times out of 20 (95% confidence rating.)