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Trochu Valley School Implements BRIM Anti-Bullying Software standard

We’re excited to welcome Trochu Valley School in Alberta, Canada into the BRIM family of schools! They featured BRIM in their school news section of their website and you can learn more about their implementation of BRIM by visiting http://trochuvalley.ghsd75.ca/News.php?news_id=440 We're BRIM! BRIM pairs a smart, cloud-based system to anonymously report and track incidents of bullying at schools. Our mission is to bring about a world where everyone can go to school without fear of being bullied. We occasionally get together to write and share news and ideas on our blog. Thanks for stopping by! Click here to learn more about BRIM

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Which Canadian Provinces Are the Most Concerned About Bullying? image

First, the good news: according to an August 2012 Ipsos Reid Survey, Canadians across the country are all concerned with bullying. Saskatoon and Manitoba were the provinces where the greatest percentage of people are “very concerned” about bullying. Alberta and British Columbia were the provinces with with the lowest percentage of people reporting they are “very concerned” about bullying. This survey was undertaken just as the province of British Columbia begins implementation of their ERASE Anti-Bullying Program. Concern About Bullying: Across the Provinces Saskatoon and Manitoba 61 per cent Atlantic Canada 57 per cent Ontario 51 per cent Quebec 49 per cent British Columbia 42 per cent Alberta 42 per cent Survey Size and Margin of Error The survey was ...

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British Columbia Premier Announces ERASE Anti-Bullying Program standard

Premier Christy Clark of British Columbia announced her government’s new ERASE (Expect Respect and a Safe Education) back in June of 2012. According to the BC government’s press release on the ERASE program, the program includes 10 elements that will kick in to effect starting with the 2012/2013 School Year. As highlighted in point 4 of the ERASE program’s 10 point plan, this plan introduces tougher, mandatory reporting of bullying incidents in all school districts. How that reporting process should work is not completely clear, however in other provinces (e.g., Ontario and Quebec), the laws specifically state that all bullying incidents must be reported to the school principal or their designee. What the ERASE Program Means for British Columbia Schools ...

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