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Does VH1’s New Anti-Bullying Advertisement Do More Harm Than Good? video

What do you think of VH1’s new Anti-Bullying ad? Does it trivialize the plight of bullying victims or would students that bully actually take the message to heart?  (Although the message here seems to be that kids shouldn’t bully because one day the victim may be your boss… not the most compassionate message for why kids shouldn’t bully.) Tell us your thoughts in the comments.  We're BRIM! BRIM pairs a smart, cloud-based system to anonymously report and track incidents of bullying at schools. Our mission is to bring about a world where everyone can go to school without fear of being bullied. We occasionally get together to write and share news and ideas on our blog. Thanks for stopping by! Click ...

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What Is the “The New F Word” video

Edgy, isn’t it? “The New F Word” is a new anti-bullying campaign started by the Friend Movement featuring celebrities likes Lance Bass, LeAnn Rimes and others “flipping the bird” to bullying. You can view their anti-bullying celebrity promotional posters on their website. For bullied students, mention of the the “F word” brings up memories of their peers shouting profanities like fatty, faggot, freak at them in the halls. The Friend Movement aims to change that by promoting a different F word: Friend. Check out the video below explaining the New F Word campaign. You can check out Tim Gunn’s (host of Project Runway) bullying story in the video below. The HuffPost Gay Voice’s Noah Michelson also joined the campaign and you can ...

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Watch Shane Koyczan’s ‘To This Day’ – the Most Powerfully Moving Anti-Bullying Video Yet! video

Bullying ruins many people’s childhoods, but the pain doesn’t end when a child graduates from high school. Victims of Bullying Four Times More Likely to Develop Anxiety Disorders in Adulthood A new medical study published in JAMA Psychiatry shows that the psychological scars from bullying lasts at least into people’s mid twenties causing an elevated risk of developing anxiety disorders, depression, suicidal ideation and more. In fact, while 6% of youth not involved with bullying went on to develop anxiety disorders, 24% of bullied youth went on to develop anxiety disorder. Watch Shane Koyczan’s ‘To This Day’ – The Most Powerfully Moving Anti-Bullying Video Yet! At almost the same time as the publishing of these new results from JAMA Psychiatry, Shane Koyczan’s ...

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