Anyone that knows me well knows that I only bet on a sure thing. Not terribly long ago I was speaking with a high school Principal with an enrollment of just over 800. She assured me in every phone call and email that her school was virtually bully free and that student harassment was not an issue on her campus. I asked how many bullying incidents were being reported each month and she laughed and said they had fewer than 10 reports the entire school year.

Finally, after several weeks, I was able to convince the Principal to move forward and they became BRIM Anti-Bullying members. To get the Principal to move forward I said I would bet her that there are at least twice as many incidents than she had reports and that without an anonymous reporting system her administration was not being notified of all of the actual incidents.

In their first month of BRIM membership, there were 19 reports of bullying. Almost twice as many as she thought happened the entire previous school year. Too many decision makers in our schools are out of touch with what is really happening on campus.

BRIM Anti-Bullying Software is very affordable and by far the best anonymous reporting tool available at any price. I encourage anyone interested in school safety to visit our web site or call us at 1-800-524-7395. Here’s my next bet and it goes out to all of you parents….. Schedule a meeting with your student’s principal and demand they show you their anonymous anti-bullying reporting abilities…. I bet you will be shocked and dismayed with the results. Any takers?