The Holidays are usually thought of as a time of joy, peace and goodwill by most. Unfortunately, research has found that nearly 30% of middle school students have concerns in regard to returning to school after Holiday break due to bullying.  Bullied students become chronically absent students that cost schools millions of dollars. High school drop out rates most frequently occur after the school Holiday break with “classroom boredom” ranked as the number one reason followed closely by number two “being bullied” as the primary causes for leaving school before graduating.  A different study showed that 2 out of 10 high school students are bullied to such a degree that they won’t raise their hands to answer questions in class due to bullying and ridicule, this obviously impacts the students ability to learn and perform and even feel safe in the classroom.

Students aren’t the only fallout resulting from bullying, in a 2017 study conducted by an educational consulting firm, high school teachers with a minimum of five years of teaching experience were polled on the Top 10 reasons why they left the teaching profession. The 7th ranked reason for leaving in the poll was “low moral, feeling various inadequacies in providing a safe learning environment free from bullying and ridicule for students.”

No student wants to be labeled a “tattle tale” and so most victims of bullying stay silent and try to “tough it out” on their own. When students finally reach out for help the physical or psychological damage can be immense. Both students and teachers need to have the ability to safely report bullying without the perceived or real personal repercussions at school. BRIM is designed to do exactly those things: BRIM enables students and teachers with the ability to anonymously report bullying online allowing the school to take corrective actions. BRIM also provides schools with a  comprehensive tool that is intuitive and user friendly to keep track of bullying incidents reported by students and staff as required by law.