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Anonymous Bullying Reporting is a Sure Bet image

Anyone that knows me well knows that I only bet on a sure thing. Not terribly long ago I was speaking with a high school Principal with an enrollment of just over 800. She assured me in every phone call and email that her school was virtually bully free and that student harassment was not an issue on her campus. I asked how many bullying incidents were being reported each month and she laughed and said they had fewer than 10 reports the entire school year. Finally, after several weeks, I was able to convince the Principal to move forward and they became BRIM Anti-Bullying members. To get the Principal to move forward I said I would bet her that ...

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Stability, Credibility & Longevity for Anonymous Reporting image

As school shooting tragedies continue to escalate, we have seen an uptick in inquiries for BRIM Anti-Bullying Software. These inquiries open conversational opportunities with school administrators who share their anti-bullying shopping experiences with us at BRIM which are both encouraging and frightening at the same time. Several of our “competitors” in the space are new companies that have been in business for less than a year. Their products are little more than glorified spreadsheets that do not allow for anonymous reporting or the uploading of photo / video evidence of bullying incidents. This inspired us to look back at the top 10 anti-bully software companies from our survey from 5 years ago. In just 5 short years there are only ...

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How can BRIM Anti-Bullying Software help prevent or win lawsuits? image

We live in a very litigious society in this day and age, and a very expensive one. The national average charge per hour for an attorney is $275. Good representation can be much more expensive in some areas with charges well over $500 per hour. Protracted lawsuits can take many months and sometimes years to complete all while incurring huge financial and emotional costs. It’s always best not to have a lawsuit to begin with…… Unless there’s a “paper trail” showing what action your school has taken in response to a bullying incident, it’s as if your school didn’t take any action at all. BRIM changes this. When you report an incident in BRIM, you can also report exactly what ...

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Surprising Findings from School District Anonymous Reporting Study image

At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we recently completed a random audit of one hundred high school and middle school web sites across the country that had links for parents and students either to get information on bullying or to report bullying incidents. The result of our audit is shocking. Almost 30% of the links were broken or non-functional with some directing the inquiry to companies that have gone out of business. Administrators that allow this to happen to should be fired for gross negligence. At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we check for administrative activity on our platform to ensure school and student utilization. One school web site had a link that actually launched a virus! How does this happen? Thank goodness for ...

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Most Common Reasons Behind Bullying image

Students are bullied for a number of reasons, which include but are not limited to race, religion, popularity, intelligence, vulnerability, isolation, physical characteristics, economic circumstances, disabilities and success.  Some people argue that changing behaviors and appearances to mitigate bullying is the answer in reducing incidents; however the real answer is identifying, reporting and changing the behavior of the bully. The BRIM Anti-Bullying Software Application is a game changer in safe anonymous reporting. Actions need to have consequences and without reporting, bullying situations tend to get worse; they don’t magically get better without intervention. The good news, BRIM can be implemented daily for less than the cost of a cup of coffee…       Although often over looked, successful students get targeted for ...

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Anonymous Bullying Reporting Helps Students and Administrators image

BRIM Anti-Bullying Software has seen an extremely significant increase in the number of bullying incidents reported in December 2021 and in January 2022. At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we are also getting increased reports from bullied students directly reaching out to BRIM from schools that are not BRIM clients, which is heartbreaking. Middle and high school students so desperate for help they are searching the Internet to get someone to listen to them…… Not a single school day passes without BRIM staffers calling school administrators on behalf of these students’ plight. Many of the school’s we contact reply with highly questionable responses to the information we are sharing. Shockingly many school administrators are dismissive, uninterested and cannot seem to be bothered ...

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Give Your School Staff a 360 Degree View on Incidents of Bullying and other Safety Concerns image

A bullied student often has to deal with harassment in most or each of his or her classes. With BRIM anonymous bullying reporting, each teacher’s incident reports are combined into a single case so school staff have a complete view of the magnitude of the harassment. With this 360 view of the situation, you can take appropriate action on bullying cases. Instead of the aggressor receiving the same informal warning multiple times, you can schedule a parent teacher meeting or whatever your school’s best practices demand of the situation. Tackling bullying is not easy, but with BRIM anonymous bullying reporting the challenge becomes manageable. BRIM’s powerful analytics gives district administrators immediate, deep visibility into bullying at each of their schools. ...

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Cyberbullying Has Increased Since COVID-19 Shut Down Classroom Attendance image

BRIM has seen a rise in cyberbullying after many schools went virtual because of the virus. With so many students being stuck in their homes with boredom setting in there is additional time and opportunity for bad behaviors. With so many Internet social media forums there are almost limitless opportunities for targets and no fear of repercussions by bullies. Student targets of these bullies often do not seek help from their parents and suffer in silence especially with no personal access to school administrators or teachers during this lock-down. The BRIM anti-bullying software application is still available to students to report instances of cyberbullying and resolution can still be quickly achieved.

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Holiday Stress and Bullied Students image

The Holidays are usually thought of as a time of joy, peace and goodwill by most. Unfortunately, research has found that nearly 30% of middle school students have concerns in regard to returning to school after Holiday break due to bullying.  Bullied students become chronically absent students that cost schools millions of dollars. High school drop out rates most frequently occur after the school Holiday break with “classroom boredom” ranked as the number one reason followed closely by number two “being bullied” as the primary causes for leaving school before graduating.  A different study showed that 2 out of 10 high school students are bullied to such a degree that they won’t raise their hands to answer questions in class due to bullying and ridicule, ...

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Bullying and School Safety Issues: What Parents Should Know image

Bullying happens each and every day. In fact, one in three students has been bullied at school. And it can happen to children of any age — whether it’s at school, on the playground, or even on social media, bullying is a very real problem. Bullying can come in many forms, including physical, social, verbal, and cyberbullying. In today’s tech-savvy age, cyberbullying is extremely common and it’s, unfortunately, one of the hardest types of bullying to spot. So what should parents know about bullying? Let’s take a look at how parents can spot warning signs of bullying and what they should do about it. Warning Signs of Bullying The most important thing for parents to do is be able to ...

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