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Surprising Findings from School District Anonymous Reporting Study image

At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we recently completed a random audit of one hundred high school and middle school web sites across the country that had links for parents and students either to get information on bullying or to report bullying incidents. The result of our audit is shocking. Almost 30% of the links were broken or non-functional with some directing the inquiry to companies that have gone out of business. Administrators that allow this to happen to should be fired for gross negligence. At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we check for administrative activity on our platform to ensure school and student utilization. One school web site had a link that actually launched a virus! How does this happen? Thank goodness for ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Call a Bully a Bully: Bullying and the Use of Labels and Roles standard

The question comes down to this: by calling a child a bully, are you reinforcing that behaviour? Forever typecasting them into the role of bully? Building up their self-image into that of a bully? Currently, there’s at least a few different ways of thinking about this issue: The first group believes that the focus of bullying should be on changing behaviour and that labeling the participants is counterproductive to that (e.g., we should refer to ‘the child that bullies’ rather than ‘the bully’.) Especially in the cases of learning disabilities and illness, that makes sense. You don’t want to forever refer to the child with asthma as ‘the asthmatic’. There’s more to any child than their illness or disability and so they ...

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