October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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Anti Bullying Council of America Interviews BRIM Software VP Karmell Clark image

The Anti Bullying Council of America recently interviewed Karmell Clark, Vice President of BRIM Anti-Bullying Software of Anderson, South Carolina. BRIM has made a name for itself over the last 17 years as the top-rated anonymous reporting app for students, parents, and teachers in the US and abroad. Clark said BRIM is being used in seven countries and it is offered in Spanish and French besides English. BRIM is an intuitive app that can be downloaded for free to personal electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets by students and parents once a school purchases a membership. An interesting comment Clark made concerning educators: “Teachers and their attitudes toward students can significantly impact the student’s self-confidence and success inside ...

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BRIM remains top anti-bullying software year after year image

Each year we do a competitor and market place survey. While BRIM remains the top anti-bullying software company in every important category and by most every criteria, one criteria that stands out and that is often overlooked by consumers is longevity. When we reviewed the competitor survey from the year 2018 every single one of the top five competitors from that list are no longer in business! There is an alarming number of schools and school districts that are unaware the company that they purchased their anti-bullying program from are gone! Many a superintendent learns from BRIM that their anti-bullying support no longer exists. BRIM has been in business for 17 years and we continue to grow every year.

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Summertime Bullying image

Cyberbullying ramps up over the summer break for many students. Cyberbullying can be just as dangerous and hurtful as bullying that takes place in person. Parents need to remain vigilant during the summer break and remain mindful of any signs of bullying. Many students attend summer school where bullying can sometimes more easily take place because teachers and faculty tend to have a lower awareness and a higher student to teacher ratio. All students deserve to be free of bullying and feel safe. If you think your child has been a victim of bullying seek help immediately, do not take a passive stance. If necessary, file a report with your local police department if the summer school has no reporting mechanism like BRIM ...

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Bullying Ends in Tragedy for Indiana Family image

In the news once again is the tragic story of an Indiana family’s 13 year old son that committed suicide because of being repeatedly bullied at school. Terry Badger III took his own life on March 6th 2023. Terry self-recorded a video explaining why he took his life “They made fun of me every f***ing day and I hate my f***ing life. I’m going to kill myself.” Terry was attending Covington Middle School and was in the 7th grade. Terry’s parents had informed the school multiple times about the bullying….. Terry’s parents say they were never contacted by the school with any updates or information about their son’s bullying. Clearly the school administrators have dropped the ball here and cannot ...

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Anti-Bullying Month this October image

October is Anti-Bullying month in the US and it is also the gateway to the holidays which are usually thought of as a time of joy, peace and goodwill by most. Unfortunately, research has found that nearly 30% of middle school students have concerns about returning to school after holiday break due to bullying. Bullied students become chronically absent students that cost schools millions of dollars. High school dropout rates most frequently occur after the school holiday break with “classroom boredom” ranked as the number one reason followed closely by number two “being bullied” as the primary causes for leaving school before graduating. A different study showed that 2 out of 10 high school students are bullied to such a ...

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Surprising Findings from School District Anonymous Reporting Study image

At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we recently completed a random audit of one hundred high school and middle school web sites across the country that had links for parents and students either to get information on bullying or to report bullying incidents. The result of our audit is shocking. Almost 30% of the links were broken or non-functional with some directing the inquiry to companies that have gone out of business. Administrators that allow this to happen to should be fired for gross negligence. At BRIM Anti-Bullying Software, we check for administrative activity on our platform to ensure school and student utilization. One school web site had a link that actually launched a virus! How does this happen? Thank goodness for ...

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Give Your School Staff a 360 Degree View on Incidents of Bullying and other Safety Concerns image

A bullied student often has to deal with harassment in most or each of his or her classes. With BRIM anonymous bullying reporting, each teacher’s incident reports are combined into a single case so school staff have a complete view of the magnitude of the harassment. With this 360 view of the situation, you can take appropriate action on bullying cases. Instead of the aggressor receiving the same informal warning multiple times, you can schedule a parent teacher meeting or whatever your school’s best practices demand of the situation. Tackling bullying is not easy, but with BRIM anonymous bullying reporting the challenge becomes manageable. BRIM’s powerful analytics gives district administrators immediate, deep visibility into bullying at each of their schools. ...

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Why you shouldn’t use Google Forms for bully reporting image

G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education) provides all of Google’s core offerings to schools.  Products like Google Forms, Google Drive, and Google Sheets typically used for personal and business use are available to schools.  It also includes a whole lot more custom tools built specifically for schools.  Google Forms, for instance, are great for sending out student surveys and even online assessments.  Some schools and districts use Google Forms for their bully and incident reporting forms.  While Google Forms might seem like a good option here we have actually found several significant pitfalls.  We would like for you to consider them as you evaluate your reporting process.  Granted, Google Forms are a step in the right direction ...

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