A bullied student often has to deal with harassment in most or each of his or her classes. With BRIM anonymous bullying reporting, each teacher’s incident reports are combined into a single case so school staff have a complete view of the magnitude of the harassment. With this 360 view of the situation, you can take appropriate action on bullying cases. Instead of the aggressor receiving the same informal warning multiple times, you can schedule a parent teacher meeting or whatever your school’s best practices demand of the situation. Tackling bullying is not easy, but with BRIM anonymous bullying reporting the challenge becomes manageable. BRIM’s powerful analytics gives district administrators immediate, deep visibility into bullying at each of their schools.

Ensure your school is prepared for State and Provincial Anti-Bullying Record Keeping Laws

With the rash of student suicides plaguing the US and Canada, all states in the US now have
laws that require schools and school districts to keep detailed records of bullying incidents that
happen on school grounds. By using BRIM anonymous bullying reporting, you can rest assured
knowing that your school or school district is in compliance.

Make Anonymous Bullying Reporting easy and accessible

In addition to English, BRIM anonymous bullying reporting is offered in Spanish as well as French making BRIM very accessible in situations where English is a students second language. To increase awareness of BRIM anonymous bullying reporting on campuses we now are providing districts and schools with QR code window stickers to be applied on doors and windows as well as paper “tri-fold” pamphlets to help support administrators and counselors get the anti-bulling message out to the student body at their schools. There are also over a dozen instructional BRIM anonymous bullying reporting instructional videos posted on the BRIM Youtube.com channel to help school district administrators and teachers with questions after business hours. There are also a large number of BRIM support videos for students and parents as well.