In the news once again is the tragic story of an Indiana family’s 13 year old son that committed suicide
because of being repeatedly bullied at school. Terry Badger III took his own life on March 6th 2023.
Terry self-recorded a video explaining why he took his life “They made fun of me every f***ing day and I
hate my f***ing life. I’m going to kill myself.”

Terry was attending Covington Middle School and was in the 7th grade. Terry’s parents had informed the
school multiple times about the bullying….. Terry’s parents say they were never contacted by the school
with any updates or information about their son’s bullying.

Clearly the school administrators have dropped the ball here and cannot
say they were not made aware of the issues. People need to be held accountable; I hope the Badger
family files lawsuits against everyone involved. BRIM will follow this unfortunate story closely with
future updates.