As school shooting tragedies continue to escalate, we have seen an uptick in inquiries for BRIM Anti-Bullying Software. These inquiries open conversational opportunities with school administrators who share their anti-bullying shopping experiences with us at BRIM which are both encouraging and frightening at the same time. Several of our “competitors” in the space are new companies that have been in business for less than a year. Their products are little more than glorified spreadsheets that do not allow for anonymous reporting or the uploading of photo / video evidence of bullying incidents. This inspired us to look back at the top 10 anti-bully software companies from our survey from 5 years ago. In just 5 short years there are only 3 anti-bully companies still in business including BRIM from that top 10 list. It is shocking to discover how many schools have purchased other anti-bullying apps that are now useless. BRIM has been in business for almost 18 years and we continue to make improvements to our app as needs change. We have made many recent upgrades that include additional reporting categories for school campus maintenance issues, suicidal ideation and anonymous suggestions on school campus safety.

It does not matter how large your school district is or how small your one school may be BRIM is very affordable and our training and support is world class. We answer calls 7 days a week and emails are returned the same day and usually within 30 minutes. If you are considering an anti-bully reporting solution for your students BRIM’s anonymous reporting app is the best product available at any price. And most of all, BRIM is RELIABLE.