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10 Tips and Strategies for Addressing Incidents of Bullying image

The following post is intended to help principals address incidences of bullying. The below tips and strategies are not exhaustive and readers are encouraged develop their own best practice guides. More importantly, these suggestions do not replace policies, procedures, and guidelines put forth by local Districts and/or School Boards. This document uses the term bullying to encapsulate both traditional bullying and cyberbullying. When working with a perpetrator, target and/or bystander it is helpful to understand the individual’s lived experiences. Secondly, principals and school staff are expected to provide a safe learning environment for all. Listen, understand, validate When an individual reports an incident of bullying, provide space for them to speak and to be heard. It takes courage to report ...

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5 Tips for New Principals on Improving Your Technical and Managerial Skills image

Mastering the Technical Aspects of the New Principalship Effective school management and leadership requires new principals to: Manage the school properly (technical skills) Fit in with both the school and community (social skills) Demonstrate they know what’s required of them in the role of principal (role awareness) Below are tips for new principals looking to improve the their mastery of the technical aspects of effective school management and leadership: Connect with an experienced principal in your district whose willing to coach you or share with you tricks of the trade that will make your daily managerial tasks easier. You may also see if they would be willing to let you ‘shadow’ them as they go about performing their daily management ...

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