October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Anti-Bullying Tools for Educators

Anti-Bullying Activities That Teachers Can Implement in Their Class

A variety of teacher tools are available for teachers to incorporate anti-bullying in to their classroom lessons. These activities can help students learn to be more accepting of other student’s differences and make them more aware of the consequences of bullying on both the bully and the victim.

Stand Up!

This activity will convey to students that no matter how different someone is from you they do not deserve to be ridiculed or bullied. It also encourages students to not be afraid to report mean and hurtful acts. In this activity, one person will perform the role of the bully and the other the victim.

The students will enact different scenarios and will learn how to safely stand up to a bully. The teacher can also ask students about the difference between snitching vs. asking an adult for help as this is a common concern students have about reporting bullying.

Peer Exclusion

Teachers can use this activity with younger students to help combat bullying. It teaches children not to differentiate between boys and girls. Children are given a scenario, for example, a group of girls are playing and a boy asks them if he can join. The teacher then asks the students what the answer to that question should be. Through this activity, the student will learn about the hurt caused by peer exclusion (and in this particular example, gender-based exclusion as well.)

Developing Empathy

You have heard the popular saying that, “if you were in my shoes, you would understand”. This activity takes this phrase and applies it.

This activity teaches students to be more sensitive and understanding of people’s feelings. The teacher will openly discuss different bullying scenarios and situations with students. Through role playing and teaching students how to put oneself in the other person’s shoes, this activity will help schools promote and maintain a more tolerant and respectful environment.

A Bullying Quiz

There’s many good anti-bullying quizzes available online and a quick Google search can return several. How students perform on this quiz and where they display weakness in understanding can provide critical information to teachers and schools staff on where existing anti-bullying education may be lacking.

Anti-Bullying Activities That Should Be in Your School’s Anti-Bullying Plan

Schools do have the power to create an environment where students, teachers, and administration all oppose bullying and stand up to bullying when they see it.

The only way such an environment can be created is when everyone from administrators, teachers, cafeteria employees, bus drivers, substitute teachers, parents, and students all work together to create an environment not conducive to bullying.

Schools can get the ball rolling by implementing the following activities:

  1. Showing movies based on bullying, these movies teach children about tolerance among peers.
  2. Have a mix-it-up lunch day at school to breakdown social barriers between students.
  3. Schools can also celebrate a bully prevention month or week to raise awareness about bullying.
  4. Furthermore, schools can implement bullying prevention and reporting software that helps teachers and counselors report on bullying, and helps them address the situation promptly and effectively.

Having a position school environment where all students can learn is ultimately the responsibility of the Principal and School Administrators, however it requires the whole school community working together to make it happen. If you are a teacher, then talk with your School Administrators about implementing some of the activities above.

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